June 2024
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Brand Strategy 


We always begin the strategy-development process by examining your business, capacities and potential, and acquiring a clear understanding of your purposes and goals.  A well-defined strategy is a clearly marked goal and a precisely defined path and direction in which your market performance should go. We walk down this path together, you and us, as a team.

Design and Graphic Production


Just like with everything else we do, we try to make a step forward from the traditional approach and offer something different. The visual identities designed in our creative workshop always present colours, shapes, meaning and emotions of a brand in a genuine, authentic and remarkable way. Bottom-line: It works!

Take a look at our portfolio and see for yourself.

Digital strategy & content creation


We will carefully consider all important elements and develop a strategy of your presence on social networks. This primarily includes understanding what your brand is about and the target audience we are addressing, defining the goals of digital communication based on which we create diverse and exciting content and regularly monitor and analyse the results.

Media Planning / Strategy & Media Buying


We thoroughly analyse target audiences so that the message we send will appear in the right media at the right time. This is exactly why our relationship with the media (TV, OOH, digital, radio) is defined by choosing the best associates. Only through meticulous planning, appropriate buying, permanent monitoring and regular reporting are the messages broadcast and guaranteed to reach the target audience and do not flutter around aimlessly in the ether.

Video Production


We create powerful and effective TV spots, corporate films and video animations that transmit the desired message accurately and in an interesting and memorable way and best represent you and your brand in the market. This is why it’s necessary that the production of such communication elements is done by proven and experienced professionals. Professionals with a passion for it.

In our production portfolio you’ll see some of the successes we’ve produced.

Brand Promotion & Event Management


The market can experience or taste your brand during dedicated events. Those are the interactions where we connect, hand in hand, you to your target audience, activities in which we are your ambassadors and your best-positioned mirror. No matter if it’s a single event or a series of events, if they are held in one city or ‘travel’ through many, no matter whether they are held outdoors or indoors, or if they are intended for the end target audience (customers) or your business partners — the events we create, organize and carry out are always designed to produce the results you want by improving your brand image and brand recognition and increasing sales.

Copywriting & Brand PR communication


Words are power. But only when we chose the right ones. Scenarios, banners, advertisements, texts on the web-site, texts on flyers, PR texts, newsletters or any other promotional material must drive home the content that is crucial to your brand, your company. Our talented and creative writers will always find the right words for you and your brand and make interesting content that will purposefully and accurately deliver your message to the target audience.

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