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About This Project


LAZAR RAKIA is the certain proof that great cooperation between the agency and the client generates the best creative results.

Our task was to develop a visual identity for fruit rakia packaging to best highlight brand personality and emphasize the infallible bond between nature and tradition.

Slavic mythology and the Firebird were what inspired us. That’s how the subtle, interesting and effective logo that enlivens the brand and the story of Lazar rakia was created.

Driven by a modern, minimalist approach and with a unique logotype, we reached the final result and fought off some extremely tough competition and were awarded a diploma as the GROUP CHAMPION for the design of raspberry rakia bottle with a box at the 86th International Agricultural Fair in Novi Sad.


When Meggle kefir decided to introduce its fruity version, we knew that it would be challeging to present its sharp yet sweet taste to the customers.

As Meggle kefir is associated with the feeling of vitality, it was natural for the new product to be expressed as the “Sweet taste of vitality”. Optimism and bright colours prevail on the packaging and all visual elements and it’s joie de vivre is felt through all channels of communication.


When a client tells us that he wants something different and allows us to release all of our creative energy, then the time stops for us and new horizons are being opened.

They asked us to do a packaging design that will completely differentiate itself from everything from its category on the Serbian market, the one that will stick out and will match the look like it does not belong to the “white products” segment.

This has been a huge challenge for the agency but also a great enjoyment as we were working on a project that was at an aesthetically high level.  We are very proud of the achieved result



While working on the interior and exterior design project for the company “Silbo”, we embraced it as if it were our very own. We designed a space where we ourselves would feel comfortable, creative and inspired and enjoy the time spent at work, as we are enjoying now.

We don’t wish to brag, but we will. The result of our work is a modern, open and bright space, priding itself with innovative and endlessly comfortable furniture, “green” walls, and positive energy felt at every step, as well as an interior and exterior that could be found on the front pages of world magazines dealing with this topic. Accurately boastful, we admit.


A modern, new company such as FRIGLO deserves a contemporary campaign and a different approach to digital channels of communication. We’ve carefully created a strategy which will represent the company in the right, bright light on social networks, and promote the brand products and all their benefits, and do it through photographs and animations with which we create the Visual story-telling.


There is a stunning multifunctional space in the company “Silbo”, intended for professional presentations and various other events, such as press-conferences, seminars, banquets, different types of meetings and training programs, etc.

Our idea was for this to be a PLACE WHERE INSPIRATION IS SERVED WARM, a welcoming and pleasant area, spacious enough, but still intimate, illuminated yet discreet. It’s the place where people can enjoy the food, atmosphere and creative moments. Inspire not perspire.

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